Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing

Feel ill in your house, but much better in other places? You most likely have an indoor air quality issue. 82% of the homes we tested do not satisfy safe indoor air quality requirements.

The EPA has found that indoor air quality is a greater health danger than outside air pollution. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and mold are health issues.
Volatile Organic Compounds are invisible gases emitted by items and products in your house. Some sources of VOCs are:

Home Building products
Air fresheners
Varnishes and paints
Dry cleaning
Home printers
Personal Care products
Cleaning products

Indoor Air Quality Test

Signs of VOC and indoor air pollution direct exposure:

Blurry vision
Upset stomach
Burning eyes
Respiratory irritation
Skin rashes
Lowered lung function
Respiratory illnesses
Concentration problems
Clinical depression

Formaldehyde Testing

Air quality test

Formaldehyde is a chemical commonly utilized in the manufacture of structure products and numerous household products. At room temperature levels, formaldehyde vaporizes into the air, potentially triggering severe health issues. It is likewise a by-product of combustion processes. When you burn things like gas, gasoline, tobacco, or wood, formaldehyde gas is launched into the air. The most considerable sources of formaldehyde in homes are: pressed wood items like particle board, plywood paneling, foam insulation, carpets, drape materials, resins, glues, cigarettes, and some home appliances.

Health consequences of formaldehyde are eye, nose and throat burning and irritation, nausea; skin rashes, and breathing problems in some people. High concentrations of formaldehyde can activate asthma attacks. Formaldehyde is likewise thought to be a known human carcinogen (cancer-causing substance), categorized as a Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) by the EPA.

Since formaldehyde is present in a lot of building products and household items, every home ought to be tested for the existence of this toxic chemical.

Our air quality testing procedure is the most convenient, most accurate way to test your air quality. We can likewise conduct formaldehyde screening.

1) We collect an air sample from your house. The test takes 2 hours and you need one test per 2000 square feet.

2) A Chemist analyzes your air sample utilizing sophisticated devices that can discover over 400 VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and mold VOCs. We send you a report detailing which chemicals are in your air AND the likely sources of those chemicals

3) You evaluate your report and remove the chemical sources recognized in the report to improve your indoor air quality.

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